Why Samamap?

While there are so many vehicle tracking systems that have a say in the market, there are many points to focus on why you should choose Samamap.

User Friendly System
Instead of complicated screens overwhelmed with data, we present only the data that the user will need with user-friendly screens using vivid colors.

Easy to Install
After activating your SIM Card and inserting it into your tracking device, all you have to do is plug the device into your vehicle's OBD port. A few seconds after you define your device to the system via the Samamap system, you will be able to see your vehicle on the screen.

Affordable Packages
Compared to our competitors in the market, we offer both individual and corporate services to our customers at much more affordable prices.

Solid Technical Support
With our technical team, who appreciate customer feedback and are extremely sensitive to customer satisfaction, we are progressing by improving Samamap every day by rapidly intervening in any problem you may have.

Samamap Araç Takip Sistemi

It creates many benefits in the field of Vehicle Tracking Sector with its reliable and lean service extending from one vehicle to thousands of vehicles, and its fast and innovative infrastructure creates value to customers.

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