Camera Tracking System

Be Aware Of All Driver Behaviors! We offer a wide range of dashcams using 4G/WiFi networks, such as front-facing camera, driver-facing camera, interior (cabin-view) camera, rear camera, and backup camera. We are looking forward to find the best solution for you.

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Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

Our camera devices use DMS technology to monitor potentially dangerous and prohibited behavior such as in photos, then warn the driver when it detects behavior patterns such as smoking or drowsiness

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    Dangerous Driving

Driver Behavior Surveillance

All of our vehicle camera products can instantly send driver data, including sudden acceleration, sudden braking and sharp turns. Therefore, you can reduce the accident rate and increase the fuel efficiency of your fleet!

Easy Installation

Install Yourself With Simple Installation!

You can install it yourself on the windshield or place it anywhere on the dashboard without having to pay a fortune to a professional mechanic.

Cutting Off Engine Power

Immobilize the Vehicles In case of Emergencies!

On long trips, truck, van and taxi drivers are prone to fatigue from long hours behind the wheel. If you find out that the driver is exceeding the daily usage amount, it is vital for you to immobilize the vehicle. In addition, you cannot know if your vehicle is theft-proof or has been used by an unauthorized person. Therefore, the remote engine power off feature is of great importance.


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