Corporate Solutions

As Samamap, we offer customized solutions to different user profiles and to meet the expectations of these user groups. Our corporate solutions will help you make a difference in business life that will take you one step ahead of your competitors. With Samamap, you can reduce your fuel consumption, reduce accidents, manage your power efficiently in the field, prevent abuse and provide a better and transparent service to your customers.

Areas of Usage

Fleet Management

Sectoral Solutions

Courier Tracking

Vehicle Inspection


From now on, inter-city and inner-city vehicle transportation operations will not be like how it used to be! Thanks to thousands of tow truck companies within 'Chekici', 24/7 planned and emergency tow truck service is now at your fingertips in an affordable and secure way!


Foreign trade processes are complex and difficult to manage, both because of the length of the transaction chain and because of the different people and companies involved in the processes. You can now manage your whole processes from a single app, thanks to Logexpo, that is designed by the experts in the sector.


An Orthodox QR Menu Experience!

Forget the QR Menu systems that shows your menu to your customers only in PDF format! Thanks to QRresto, your customers can order from qr codes on the table, call waiter, ask for check and call vallet. In the mean time, all your requests can be viewed in real time in the mobile app on your team's mobile phones. In addition to that, you can also track your business' stock and finance in the mobile app!

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