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About Samamap

As Samamap, we set out with the goal of offering our customers a reliable and user-friendly vehicle tracking system. We guarantee that you will never get lost in screens full of complex data within the Samamap system, which is designed with the awareness that vehicle tracking systems in the market cannot provide a healthy service to the individual user with their sophisticated screens optimized for fleet management.

As Samamap, we help our customers to manage their field operations in an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly manner thanks to our advanced technology. With our wide range of solution possibilities, we support our solution partners from all sectors and sizes on the field. We aim to bring a new view to the vehicle tracking system market with our fast and innovative service approach, lean service processes and technical infrastructure capable of supporting up to thousands of vehicles.

While adding values such as flexibility in processes, planning capability and personnel control to our corporate solution partners with our product, we also offer solutions to our individual users so that their loved ones can travel safely and keep the important data of their private vehicles under record.

With our affordable solution packages and strong user-friendly infrastructure, we offer a service that makes a difference compared to vehicle tracking software on the market.

In addition to being a technology that provides benefits for individual users in controlling their private vehicles and tracking the services they receive from companies ...

Vehicle tracking systems are connected to the vehicle in various ways, establishing a satellite connection, and transmitting the location data they receive from satellites to vehicle tracking software.

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