Tracking Devices That Can Be Plugged Into OBD & Car Lighter Sockets


It is the improved version of the SM-02A-2G that comes with 4G feature. In addition to receiving all the data from the vehicle, having better reception with 4G enables SM-02-A-4G to offer more consistent and extensive tracking solution.


Price/Performance OBD device that only focuses on getting location. You can get basic location data from this device, which will be enough for people, who wants to receive a basic location data.


It is an OBD device, that can get all data from the vehicle that it can. (RPM, Speed, Sudden Acceleration, Harsh Braking etc.)


It is an OBD device, that connects to car lighter socket and offers vehicle tracking service at a basic level. You can get coordinates (latitude and longtitude) and simple geo information.

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